‘There is no attempt at completeness here. The document is as fragmentary and partial as the memories which inspired the work’ – Mike Pearson (Bubbling Tom)

in Heathfield, Adrian. Small Acts: Performance, the Millennium and the Marking of Time.


Thea Matthews is in the process of devising an audio walk to complement the walk leaflet which is already available in St. John the Baptist Church. This is an extension of her university final year project which can be found online here.

Below is the audio she has created so far for the project.


PART 1: Returned Soldiers Audio Walk 



PART 2: Life in Feckenham

Episode 1: Feckenham Flashbacks

To listen:


This episode is designed to be listened to on and around Feckenham village square.

If you are unable to make it to the village square; please watch this YouTube video below.


Episode 2: We Will Remember Them

To listen:

This episode is best listened to at the war memorial in St John The Baptist Churchyard. If you need to sit down during the recording, there is a nearby bench by the church gate.

If you cannot make it to the churchyard; either close your eyes whilst listening or watch the YouTube video below.

*Please note, the red ribbons referred to in this episode will only be available during the launch day of the walk.*


PART 3: The Creative Commissions 

If you are doing the audio walk, these episodes are designed to be listened to whilst sat in the church.


Episode 1: An interview with Phil Mountford

To listen:

I talk to Phil Mountford, who composed Suite For The Fallen Soldier, a piece of music designed to reflect on World War One and the effect the war had on Feckenham as a community.


Episode 2: An interview with Kathy Gee

I talk to Kathy Gee who wrote the prose used in Suite For The Fallen Soldier.


Episode 3: An interview with Barbara Wheatley

I talk to Barbara Wheatley, one of three villagers who envisaged and created the Crown of Thorns sculpture in the north aisle of St. John the Baptist Church.