In June 2015 film composer Phil Mountford was commissioned by The WW1 Commemoration Group to create a choral work to commemorate World War One and the effect on the local community of Feckenham in Worcestershire, England. He has composed for many feature films, television, theatre and classical projects and we are thrilled that he is undertaking this project with us.

The narrative, written by poet and historian Kathy Gee, intertwines letters and prose from the soldier, mother and sweetheart telling the fateful story of a young infantry recruit, as his life unfolds both at home and in the trenches. Kathy Gee is an ex-museum curator and published poet who lives in Feckenham.

Armistice Day 2016 heard the premier of this narrative suite performed by over 80 voices.


To find out more about composer Phil Mountford, visit his website here.

To find out more about The Suite For The Fallen Solider, including buying rights to the music, click here.

You can hear the full concert, on Swansbrook Radio, here.You can also purchase a CD or DVD of the performance via eBay or Feckenham Village Shop.

Is your Organisation or Community interested in performing Suite for The Fallen Soldier? Conductor Clare has written a handy guide, here.

Supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.