In St John the Baptist Church, visitors can see the art installation “Crown of Thorns” and its poignant Tower of London ceramic poppy blooms mounted on their barbed wire brambles; one being added on the 100th anniversary of the death of each of the fallen, created by Barbara Wheatley and local craftsmen James Barrett.




This is a truly collaborative and contextual piece of work. It is the culmination of many conversations village-wide: a piece to honour those who gave their lives for others; a piece which also attempts to draw together images, echoes and resonances of the historical, physical and spiritual context in which this very simple, but immensely profound piece now rests in this prayerful place at the heart of our community.

With the help of a grant from Feckenham Parish Council, twenty four ceramic poppies were bought from the very moving installation at the Tower of London.

– Barbara Wheatley